Tuesday, April 17, 2007

IRIN film on Somalia you MUST see!

This just in from Bashir — a film you absolutely must see. Click here . . . but trust me, it will break your heart!

I hope you can watch this UN documentary by Lucy Hannah on Somalia. It is from December 2006, just before the "official" Ethiopian invasion, and it frames the Somali situation before the invasion. [It's] a sad juxtaposition to the current state of affairs. It is only 18 minutes long but it will bring tears to your eyes.




أنا هو said...

thanks it is very good job
now i do have m own blog about somalia in arabic
we haveinterview with shiksh ewais the head of islamic courtes
hoping that we will keep itn touch
khaled mahmoued

Vigilante said...

I woke this morning to a BBC account of the devastation in Somalia. The reporter concluded that the short six-months (before December '06) Somalis enjoyed under the decentralized, eclectic, and UNAGGRESSIVE Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) will be looked back upon as a "kind of Golden Age." That was before the unnecessary and unprovoked invasion by Ethiopia, with backing from the usual suspects.

If we are to be saddled with the misnomer of "Islamofascism" which I would contest, then we should also contemplate an equally dubious notion of Christofascism. But whatever nomenclature we designate to describe these two versions of intolerance, both need to be combatted and defeated.

Anonymous said...

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